Bonne Chance: The Ultimate Winter Warmer

Ellie RogersDrink

We sat down with our boys Kit and Mish to talk about C&C’s new baby beer child, Bonne Chance! We got to collaborate with our dear friends at Good Chemistry, and we put our combined years of drinking to good use!
So how was Bonne Chance born? Why the flavours?

We knew it would be an autumn ale, so we went for an amber. We wanted pure cosy, warming comfort, so we went sugary, spicy and malty: the colour of autumn leaves, the crackling of an open fire, the treat-yo-self of snaffling a few sweets… Something a bit on the complex side that would stand out, and get people through the long night. And at 6% it packs a bit of a punch too.

Mish, what was the idea for the label design?

Something to suit the season, the beer, and to combine our graphics with Good Chem’s. Their straightforward, succinct designs with our weirdness. There’s some familiar faces from the C&C Zine: my signature monkey’s all cosied up in his winter woolies, there’s a psychotic gingerbread man and a maple syrup knight, loads of leaves, and plenty of board game pieces.

What were your favourite name suggestions?

The C&C WhatsApp group was lit up for days with some of the farthest-reaching and overwrought puns imaginable. Unfortunately, most of the champs would have gotten us incredibly sued, but I’ll never forget Red Bread Redemption… Bread Sheeran and Ginger Spice were strong contenders as well, but Bonne Chance was the king from the beginning.

How long have you wanted to collaborate with Good Chemistry?

We’ve worked with them since day one basically and we’ve been building up to doing something like this for a while. It’s so good to see it out there now. They’re awesome people to work with and they brew bloody good beer.

How great was it to launch Bonne Chance at Prohibition, our live gaming experience at the Good Chemistry Tap Room itself?

So good! They both fit together perfectly, with the game’s plot running on warring speakeasies, opportunistic mobsters and moonshiners mingling around the very vats it was brewed in, everyone having a cosy time despite the cold October weather outside, it was perfect.

And finally, the all important question… How’s it taste?

Proper good! You get the sweet and ginger on the nose, with a reddish brown-pour that settles beautifully like leaves on the breeze… ~*

It’s really fiery, an absolute winter warmer. It gets better the more you drink. It’s not really a session beer, it’s a bit more special. Best enjoyed in contemplative sips, really savour the flavour…

It’s going to be a house draught pour throughout winter into 2018 so it’ll definitely get you through the post-Christmas trudge!

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