We so classy!

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You may have noticed a new vibe around Chance & Counters. Somehow, we’ve all been standing a little taller and sounding a little classier over the last few weeks. The breezy air of dignity is here and we’re all extending our littlest fingers to the air…

That’s right, we do cocktails now.

Bloody Mary

Our vegan Bloody Mary is here to pep you up on those days that your inner strategist needs to wake up. It’s rich, tomato-ey and spicy, and with a secret blend of our favourite hot sauces, you’ll bite back in no time!

Enjoy it with Fury of Dracula for nefarious schemes and gruesome, Gothic shadows creeping across 19th century Europe.

Flora Dora

Bristol Dry Gin, raspberries and lemons with a dash of ginger beer combine to make up this refreshing springtime cocktail. Goes well with: being a gracious victor, dignified celebrations, and those times you definitely weren’t gloating.

Enjoy it with Cottage Garden and just try not to imagine rocking gently in a hammock on a sunny afternoon with a cool breeze and a good book.

White Russian

Our top secret White Russian blend is made in-house, behind closed doors, and brought to you in style over ice with an ombre gradient. A well timed sip, and your opponents will be terrified! It really ties the menu together.

Enjoy it with the dieselpunk warstravanganza Scythe for an evening of mechs, betrayal and frothy, creamy revenge!

Elderflower Cooler

They don’t all have to be competitive games; and here, gin, elderflower and tonic are all working together to give you the cool, clean flavours of summer. Allowing you to be comfy and cosy with a board game, whilst still enjoying an English country garden.

Enjoy it with The Chameleon to observe the beautifully complimentary colours. A lot of drinks might fade into the background, but not these boys…

New Old-Fashioned

We’ve brought the Old Fashioned up to date, whilst keeping all of its charm. Bourbon is elevated with notes of cherry and vanilla, whilst the orange and Angostura Bitters give you all the warm fuzzies of a cosy fireside. A short drink perfect for a long game.

Enjoy it with the Godfather, for a steady hand and a cool countenance. Best served colder than the coldest revenge.

Espresso Martini

Espresso, Vodka and Kahlua are already a perfect combination, so we don’t mess with them! Shaken over ice, and poured slowly into an elegant martini glass, they’re served to the table to give you that James-Bond-suavely-winning-big-at-poker vibe.

Enjoy it with Secrets, feeling primed and ready to weed out the Commies, and staying cool in the face of those damn dirty hippies.

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