Cardiff: we’re coming for you (eventually)


We’ve always had high hopes for Chance & Counters. The three of us jacked in our careers for this, which wasn’t an easy decision. But we always felt it could become something special, even if we didn’t know exactly how to get there.

Our first 12 months in Bristol really couldn’t have gone any better. We made some mistakes but we learnt SO much. Thankfully, we also built a community that patiently dealt with our youthful exuberance, and afforded us a little time to get everything right. Before too long we were booked up weeks in advance – words can’t describe how great that feels.

Finally, about a year ago we felt Bristol was going well enough for us to step away from the day-to-day, and think about where we wanted to take the business over the next five years. We wrote and rewrote our business plan, we got the grown-up stuff like IP and management structuring sorted, and we started planning site #2.

This year, after an awful lot of searching and deliberating, we decided on Cardiff. Shortly after, Luke and Steve upped sticks and moved over the bridge to find a suitable second home for Chance & Counters.

We couldn’t be more excited to say we found one – a beautiful Grade II Listed building on the High Street, just a stone’s throw from Cardiff Castle. We had hoped to be open by now, but as we (should have) learnt by now these things take time. It’s frustrating at the moment but bear with us – we’ll be up and running before you know it.

In the meantime, for more information and updates on the refurb process follow us on social media!