Prohibition is BACK!

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It’s Chicago in the 1920s, and the local Don is holding a summit. A night of opportunity and risk in equal measure. An evening that wraps you in vice, and gifts you behaviour without boundaries. The question is, how brave are you feeling? Play it right, and your dreams could come true, but the pay off might be more than you bargained for!

Join us for Prohibition – a chaotic evening of moonshine, gangsters and betrayal – at three amazing venues across Bristol, Bath and Cardiff

Prohibition is a playable adventure game – think somewhere between a murder mystery and a role-playing game. When you walk through the door you’ll assume the role of a 1920s mover-and-shaker, which could be anything from “legitimate business person” to the head of the local Mafia.

Over three chapters you’ll be guided through a story of gangsters, ambition, and 1920s America. You’ll have your own role and your own objectives, so you’ll need to work both with and against the other players throughout the evening to get what you want.

Doing well is going to be about trading favours, negotiation, and working out who you can trust. You’ll need to mix business with pleasure, vice with virtue, and risk with reward. Maybe you want to get revenge, get rich, or just get out?

Sound good? Well pull out your gladrags and prepare for an unforgettable night. Your hosts will even lay on a little moonshine, in case you need it.

To find out more, visit the Facebook events or Wriggle ticket pages below…

29th March – The Escape (at The Abbey Hotel), Bath. (event / tickets)

3rd April – Tiny Rebel Cardiff. (event / tickets)

17th April – The Milk Thistle, Bristol. (event / tickets) **SOLD OUT**