Our story

Chance & Counters is the brainchild of three pals: Luke, Steve and Richard.

Luke got bitten by the board game bug whilst studying at university, then selfishly spread the cardboard contagion among his friends. One of whom was Steve. All it took was a sunny weekend in Salcombe and a copy of Settlers of Catan and he was hooked too.

Fast-forward a couple of years to Moseley, Birmingham. Luke and Steve were juggling postgraduate studies with a burgeoning addiction to board games – made worse by the corruptive influence of a certain Dicky Duerden (now Head of Games at our little café).

As Luke and Steve finally wrapped up their studies, conversation turned to their grim career prospects. Opening a board game café had been a fun thing to talk about while drunk, but set against a slow dribble of crap job offers it genuinely started to seem like a good idea.

Planning began in earnest after Alex – a school friend of Luke’s and owner of KONK! – generously offered to invest in Luke and Steve’s lofty vision. The pair were starting to put together a business plan, when a chance encounter (!) on Reddit led to an exciting development.

A certain ‘Kwansu’ was putting together a huge survey about board game cafés, as part of his MBA studies. Luke arranged to meet up for a chat about what he’d found. As it transpired, Kwansu was a man called Richard, who was not only a massive board game fan but also a ruddy good chap with ambitions in the board game café direction.

After another meet-up in a dingy pub in Fishponds, Richard was onboard.

The next three months were a blur of Skype meetings, legal wrangling and frantic googling. The end result was a fully-fledged business plan and a Kickstarter campaign, which launched in January 2016.

Within two weeks, thanks to the generosity and support of some fantastic people, we smashed through our target.

In total, our 292 backers pledged £13,192 over the course of a four-week campaign. The people below are the unsung heroes of the Chance & Counters story; without them we simply wouldn’t have been able to make it a reality.

So without any further ado, here they are:

James Clark
Felix Tillyard
Martin Griffiths
Tony Williams
K Abson
Matt Scarsbrook
The City of Kings
Sam Morrison
Jamilla Ives
Joe Brown
Geoff Scarsbrook
Elaine Scarsbrook
Karen Fielding
Parisa haghighat
Sam Bazzard
Miles Ratcliffe
Joe Berger
Daniel Breeze
Jonathan Whitfield
Beth Marriott
Tom Fox
Alex Holding
David Ford
Tim Fothergill
Alexander “Xan” Kashev
Steve Shaw
Seolin Chung
Gavin Dickie
Aaron George Elvis Brown
Rebecca Chui
Ivy Thomas
Tania Qoura
Gavin Bloemen
Andrew Endersby
Anthony Hurford
Olly Broom
Ollie Organ
Kim Mantas
Jenny Gaudion
Katharine Wall
Philip Doyle
Graham Cownie
Terry White
Bruce Stedman
Rebecca Strickland
Henry Fosdike
Tom Beach
David Wild
Mark Lockett
Iffie Opene
Hazel Doughty
Russell Cox
Augustin Warner
Michelle Barrett
Nathan Wong
Jon Lean
Tony Fung
Alex Harman
Simon Hoare
David Norman
Lewis Trinh
Siôn TheSheep Jones
Peter Kimball-Evans
Henry Osadzinski
Ray Taylor
Stephen Brown
Mark Sierens
Heidi kent
Tammy Miller-Cheevers
Julie Ward
James Davies
Mykola Yankovskyy
Sensible Object
Jeff Boardman
Matthew Hutson
Katie Foxall
Richard Wallis
Rob Talbot
Ellie Netto
Jon Dowling
Matthew Walker
Chris Boreham
Jack Kenyon
Tom Gran
tim short
Nathan Cavin
Matthew Ramcharan
Nicholas Rogers
Chris Taylor
Neil Wilson
Kyle Gammon
Joseph Jackson
Chris Swain
Nich Angell
Alice White
Matt Wigley
Alex White
Sam Hobday
Oliver Henry Gibson
Katie Gatens
Chris Houlden
James Smith
Filip van der Pol
Paul Vinten
Hannah Rutherford
Silas Adekunle
Timon Singh
Marcus Symonds
Michael Fleming
Jessica Vallentine
emily anderton
Elliot Long
Amy Webb
Sam Marshall Evans
Joshua Portway
Jordan hayes
Lorry symington
Carol Whitworth
Jack Johnston
Judith Lorton
Katie McQuin-Roberts
Max Shepherd
Hågen Landsem
Daisy Spiers
Coen de Groot
Tay Sparks
Samir Hazlehurst
Jim Ashby
Tam Duncan
Jack Thomas O’Brien
Mark Butt
Ben Pickard
Steve Temple
Alexi Drew
Neal Marriott
Jamie England
Felicity Marriott
Tom Conneely
Brain Games USA
Jack Smith
Boxuan Jiang
Jack Ready
Chris Lock
Mark Donnell
James Haddock
Lindsay Meyer-Nicholas
AJ Nicholls
Jesse Soares
Cord Slatton-Valle
John Belgrove
Graham Devine
Amanda Kear
Richard C
john moroz
Andy Edgell
Eddie Cochrane
Warren Rumsey
mark keedwell
James Curran
Matthew Gilliard
George Pickup
Luke Tarnowski
Jack Armitage
Fiona Wilson
Nicholas J Higgins
Evan Daley
Joseph Ford
Catherine Shuttleworth
Andrew Guard
Tony Morgan
Tom Faraday
Joe Hedinger
Edward Bertram
Jennifer Cownie
Sam Cardy
Martin Killen
Hannah Brown
Will Hay
Dean Jones
Laird Thaddeus
Alex Crook
david barrett
Darren Morrissey
Ali Drysdale
Norhan Nabeeh
Linda Dawson
Mike Serritella
Kimberly Grey
James Morgan
Holly Hocks
Rachael Clarke
Craig Robertson
Kieran Connolly
Francesca Foster
Mrs F Chetwynd
Emma stone
Siona Tebbutt
The High Frontier
Two Guys and a Giant
Lara Finan
Andy Parsons
Ben Spratt
Form Forge
Wesley Voshell
Zoe Williams
Will McConnell Simpson
James Charlick
Matt L
Neil Mounter
Olivia carmichael
Colin Bassett
Michael Champion
Jake Eason
Dan Batson
Michael Jones
Pedro Quinta
Chris Jones
Ed Osborn
Ashley Pittman
Mark Nicholas Wales
Angus Abranson / Chronicle City
Nathan FitzPatrick
Triple Ace Games Ltd
Chloe Goument
Sweet Lemon Publishing
Arun Shankar
Brett “DJ Archangel” Strassner
Samuel Dalby
Anthony Smith
Laurence O’Brien
Timothy Dafydd Gadd
Alex Ratcliffe
Scott Mellors
Alex Bransby-Williams
David Gray
Harvey Bull
Graham & Sue Parkinson
Tom Hutson
Craig Shaw
Shaun Tiley
Toby Watkin-Jones
Craig Taphorn
Taliesin Bendell
Jerold Chu
Kiaran Jay
Julian Horne
Andy Bate
Pat McKenna
Bradley Leek