Prohibition is BACK!

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It’s Chicago in the 1920s, and the local Don is holding a summit. A night of opportunity and risk in equal measure. An evening that wraps you in vice, and gifts you behaviour without boundaries. The question is, how brave … Read More

Joining forces with Rules of Play

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Retail has always been a funny one for us. We didn’t sell games for the first 6 – 12 months in Bristol – it’s a whole different ball game (board game?) and something we didn’t have a lot of experience … Read More

Cardiff: we’re coming for you (eventually)


We’ve always had high hopes for Chance & Counters. The three of us jacked in our careers for this, which wasn’t an easy decision. But we always felt it could become something special, even if we didn’t know exactly how … Read More

We so classy!

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That’s right, we do cocktails now. Our vegan Bloody Mary is here to pep you up on those days that your inner strategist needs to wake up. It’s rich, tomato-ey and spicy, and with a secret blend of our favourite … Read More

Bonne Chance: The Ultimate Winter Warmer

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We knew it would be an autumn ale, so we went for an amber. We wanted pure cosy, warming comfort, so we went sugary, spicy and malty: the colour of autumn leaves, the crackling of an open fire, the treat-yo-self … Read More

Introducing… our new menu!

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Can you feel it? The winds of change are in the air, the leaves are on the turn, and wooly jumpers are looking more inviting every day. It’s that time of year. The time for… a new menu! And no, … Read More

An afternoon with: Psychopomp

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If you’re a regular gin connoisseur at Chance & Counters, you may already be familiar with our beloved Psychopomp, a meticulously-crafted small batch gin. It hails from just a short, brutal walk away, up on St Michael’s Hill. The company … Read More

The Chinstroke: Champions of Midgard

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Champions of Midgard is a worker placement game that asks the prospective leaders to collect materials and gather warriors. You’ll need them for battling skeletal draugr and mighty sea serpents, while also fending off trolls and the occasional kraken. With … Read More


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So as you may or may not have heard, we’re co-publishing our very first game later this year. It’s called Exploriana and it’s a joint effort between us, Triple Ace Games and Chaos Publishing. The game was designed by Miles … Read More

Big Potato – Bestest Spuddies


If you’ve been to Chance and Counters in the evening, you’ll probably have seen people snatching rainbows, yelling out celebrity rhymes, or cackling madly at whiteboards. What is this strange behaviour? Where did it come from? Big Potato, that’s who. … Read More