How it works

There is usually a gaming charge to play games at Chance & Counters: £3 per person for a two-hour session, or £5 for a four-hour session.

For the time being, while we're running a reduced service with no "games gurus", we've lowered that to £1.50 / £3 per person. If you'd prefer to bring your own games, there's no cover charge at all.

This goes towards maintaining our library of games (think missing pieces and soggy cards), expanding it (think trade shows and expensive Kickstarter habits), and (usually) our fantastic games gurus.

Obviously if you're just after a coffee or a quick bite to eat, the cover charge doesn't apply.

Become a member

If you’re a keen gamer and think you’ll visit fairly frequently, why not become a member and save yourself some money?
Membership costs £25 per year.
Your first cover charge is free as a member, after which you’ll pay £2.50 each time you visit, instead of £5. So if you think you'll come ten times in a year, a standard membership would work out cheaper.
Make a booking

Please use the widget below to reserve your table with us

If your chosen time/date is greyed out, we're most likely fully-booked but may have shorter time slots available. Feel free to call on 0121 296 9997 to check!

For bookings of 9-12 people, please call the café rather than making two separate bookings. For bookings of 16+, give us a call to discuss packages + options.

If for some reason the booking widget doesn't load, click here to book directly on the ResDiary website.